KiNel Enterprises Inc.

KiNel Values, Vision and Mission

The values of the KiNel team are the foundation for our construction service and are what earns the trust of our valued customers.


Our team prides itself on providing the highest levels of quality craftsmanship and integrity for each project.  


The values that are at the root of our company culture reflect not only our dedication to how we operate, but also in how we treat our customers, sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers, fellow team members and strategic partners:


RESPECT:  We treat everyone with courtesy, dignity and integrity.


TEAMWORK:  We work together to achieve higher levels of success.


OPENNESS:  We communicate directly, honestly, tactfully and in a timely manner.


URGENCY:  We act clearly with decisiveness and determination.


HUMILITY:  We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.


INNOVATION:  We constantly strive to improve.


CRAFTSMANSHIP:  We do our very best in all that we do.



The mission of KiNel is to grow as a general construction contractor at a pace that assures the development of a team that is aligned in accord with our stated values.


Our vision is to build upon a flawless reputation that assures a steady flow of projects for our team.  We intend to grow based on referrals to others, endorsements of our work and repeat business from our valued customers.  We welcome your inquiry and review of our past and present performance.