KiNel Enterprises Inc.

About the founder and owner of KiNel

Dick Kiger-Nelson started doing construction work in 1973 while he was still a high school student in San Diego, California.  His ongoing work in construction helped him fund his college education during a seven-year period at Pacific Union College in San Diego and Sacramento State University.  His interests and studies span diversified fields such as industrial technology, agriculture, music, veterinarian medicine, chemistry and much more.


During the years prior to the incorporation of KiNel Enterprises, Inc., Dick functioned as a craftsman working for other contractors and refined his business ownership skills as a construction sub-contractor. 


A resident of Hanover County, Virginia since 1996, Dick is personally skilled in most of the building trades, with a focus on all aspects of carpentry from framing to detailed woodworking.  His expertise in trim work adds a touch of rare class to the finished look of his projects. 


Dick is a family man.  Martha, his beloved wife, is a health care professional and the owner and operator of Tapp Family Home, a personalized care, assisted living facility (ALF) in Mechanicsville, Virginia (  She also is an Officer of KiNel Enterprises, Inc., serving as the corporate Secretary and Treasurer.